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Repair your chimney crown, corbel, tops of masonry, or parapet walls. Crownseal is a flexible waterproofing solution that coats your chimney crown, providing waterproofing without a bonding agent.

Crownseal looks just like concrete and comes with a 10-year warranty to keep your chimney water-tight for a long time.

Rely on the best products to repair and waterproof the masonry on your home. When you have a problem, you can count on the best assessment using state-of-the-art camera scanning equipment to catch issues before they become fire hazards or lead to water damage.

By using the best products to repair your chimney, you'll be pleased with a long-lasting repair that will add value to your home. Enjoy Chimney Saver products to protect your masonry chimney.

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Protect your chimney crown

ChimneySaver is the clear solution to prevent water damage and repair chimney issues. Great products include:


• Water repellents

• Chimney flashing repair

• Crown repair

• Masonry cleaning

Prevent water damage

to your home

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