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Your dryer vent system must be completely clean in order to calibrate LintAlert properly.  The next time your vent system is cleaned, ask for LintAlert to be installed. Call for a FREE quote on our services today!

Improve the safety and efficiency of your dryer by knowing when it's time for a thorough cleaning. Your expert repair tech can clean your ducts in a jiffy. Not only will you improve the safety of your dryer, you'll save time and money with faster drying times for your washables.

Even when you are cleaning out your lint trap after each load of laundry, lint can still make it into your ducts. LintAlert provides the reminders you need to properly clean your system.

Protect your home from dryer fires

Keep your dryer clean and vents unobstructed

Clean out lint before it can cause a problem


How to install LintAlert?

LintAlert works by lighting up when your ducts become too full of debris to push air out effectively. The result of a clogged duct will result in running your dryer longer. A clean vent ensures faster drying times, thereby saving energy and money!

LintAlert can save you money

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